what a change we can make to that old bathroom!

What a change we can make to that old bathroom!

Sarasota Construction, Inc. offers complete building services for all of your construction projects. We have design options through our Licensed Architect, and construction services such as licensed plumbing, electrical, HVAC, concrete, drywall, tile, roofing, screen areas, and more.

  1. New Homes

Sometimes you just can’t find the perfect home. That’s when it’s time to think about Sarasota Construction and building a new home that will fulfill your dream. Sarasota Construction take the time to understand what you are looking for and help you design a home that will fit your lifestyle and budget. From floor plans to finish, we guarantee the highest craftsmanship and greatest quality of materials. Sarasota Construction will build your home with a careful eye for detail. Nothing is more satisfying than standing in front of your new home that you helped plan and design yourself.  

  1. Residential Additions

Your home is located in the perfect location, if only it had a little more space! Whether you are getting a new family member, or just been dreaming of a larger master bedroom, Sarasota Construction, Inc. can help you sort through your options and plan a perfect addition that will fit in with your needs and design.

  1. New Kitchens, Countertops, Cabinets, Flooring

Your kitchen is the “heart of your home” a gathering space for family and friends. This is why it packs the maximum impact for home remodels. After years of use, your kitchen will become worn out and dated. Sometimes it’s a simple fix to give it a fresh appearance or sometimes it needs a complete overhaul.  Whichever one it is, give Sarasota Construction a call to discuss you options and ideas.

  1. New Bathrooms, Cabinets, Countertops, Fixtures, Flooring

Sarasota Construction is your new bathroom headquarters. Whether you are looking for a traditional look or a more modern feel, our wide range of design options will help you create and customize a bathroom that you will love. New home baths have nearly double in size over the past 30 years, while older homes average about 5-8 feet in size. With the right colors, lighting and fixtures you can make any bathroom appear large. Old plumbing, drafty windows or lack of ventilation can be unattractive and cause damage to your home. Sometimes all it take are some simple renovations in order to give your bathroom a new feel.

  1. New Room Divisions, Layout Redesign

Old homes and new homes are works in progress. As families and situations change, homeowners need ways to adapt their homes to the changes.  New room divisions and layout redesigns are needed to open up spaces or create new private areas. Sarasota Construction has years of experience in helping you design a space to create a new look and functionable area for your home.

  1. Flooring, all types

New flooring and refinished flooring can make a room look brand new. Sarasota Construction can install, replace and refinish any type of floor, hardwood, laminate, tile, and carpeting.

  1. Tile, Floor and Wall

When you upgrade your floors, walls, backsplash, or outdoor space, choosing tile is a no-brainer. Tile lasts for a long time, is easy to clean, and is extremely versatile. It also comes in an array of shapes and sizes, a wide range of colors and tones, and different glazes to give off natural or glossy effects. Sarasota Construction can install simple patterns to  more elaborate designs.

  1. Drywall, Installation and Repair

Holes, dents, cracks, water damage or a bulging ceiling? Sarasota Construction repairs, installs, patches and finishes drywall to look brand new.

  1. Painting

Changing the colors of your rooms or refreshing the paint color you have can positively affect your home and living environment. There’s nothing like paint to add atmosphere to any room.

  1. Windows and Doors

Sarasota Construction is one of the best contractors to install your new windows and doors. Full home remodel, new construction or replacement windows and doors will improve energy efficiency as well as increase the beauty and value of your home.
Subcontractor services that Sarasota Construction oversees:

  • Electrical work
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC
  • Roofing
  • Concrete work
  • Block work
  • Excavations
  • Pool Cages
  • Landscaping

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